Parts included in the Stage 3 kit.

* Cast Stainless Steel turbo manifold, Stainless Steel Crossover and Down pipe.

* Precision 39mm gate.

* 76/68 Turbo is standard

* 50mm BOV

* Large Air filter and Air filter elbow

*Aluminum cold pipes with bead rolled ends

*Spark plug wires

*Inter cooler with inter cooler mounting brackets.

*Oil PSI line and fittings

*Oil Drain line and fittings

*Vacuum line

*One way check valve for PCV system

*Breather filter for PCV 

*Black Silicone's and clamps

*Heater hose and clamps

*Drill and tap for oil pan.

*Turbo blanket and thermal sleeve

* Studs and nuts for installation

TrickTurbo Stage 3 kit  for a 2009-2013 

Picture is for reference only.  Some items may look different then your actual kit.

   Trick Turbo offers several different turbo kits for your 1999-2013, and 1988-1998 GM trucks with LS engines.  Our kits come complete with all the necessary parts needed to do your install.  

Turbo, waste gate, blow off valve, and inter cooler are the main parts of any turbo kit. There are many more parts needed to make your install go as easy as possible.  We supply all these little parts needed.


  Trick Turbo kits come with a CAST stainless steel turbo manifold in 1988-2013 LS truck kits.  The manifold is a very important part of any turbo kit.  Our manifold is designed to maximize the exhaust flow to the turbo.  Thick walls, swept runners, gate mounting location on the manifold, and a TRUE T4 turbo discharge are all designed to increase flow and over-all strength of the manifold.    

    The crossover is designed with a flex and slip joint.  The flex joint allows movement for expansion and minor alignment difference between one engine and the next.  The slip joint allows for rotational and side to side differences  between one engine and the next.  This joint uses an OEM style 3/4" band clamp for sealing during the installation. The crossover is mandrel bend from 2 pieces of stainless steel tubing.    

  Down pipe(s):   Depending on kit, the down pipe is either a 1 piece or  2 piece  mandrel design.  Stage 2 and Stage 3 kits use a 1 piece down pipe made from  3" stainless steel tubing.  Mandrel bends reduces the drag in the pipe and increase the flow through the pipe.  Stage 5 uses a 2 piece design to make installing your down pipe much easier.  The slip joint allows rotation for better location of your down pipe discharge.  This down pipe uses an OEM style 3/4" band clamp for sealing once installed and lined up.  ALL TrickTurbo kits vent the waste gate back into the down pipe.  This keeps your exhaust quiet while the gate is venting.  If you vent the gate to atmosphere it isextremely loud!!!!  


 All kits come with an inter cooler designed for your year model truck.

  Inter cooler options:   TrickTurbo gives every build multiple options on which inter cooler is best fitted for the application.  1 size inter cooler does not fit all applications. We supply you the brackets, so no need to figure out how to mount it.  It's already done for you.

  Cold pipes are aluminum with bead rolled ends. This keeps your cold piping in place under the most demanding applications.  

  Silicones are all black for that clean OEM look.  Other colors are available upon request but may add cost to you build.  Electric fans are a must with this turbo kit.  Our inter coolers cold piping will not fit mechanical clutch fans.

There are some items we do not supply with your kit, such as injectors, fuel pump, final exhaust after the down pipe, and tuning.   These items must be purchased to fit the HORSEPOWER you are wanting to achieve.   All TrickTurbo products are for off road use only!!! 


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